We Are Trained Licensed Proffessionals Designing Pyrotechnic Products and Services for the Civilian and Law Enforcement Market


Precision Pyrotechnic Supply LLC is run by trained and licensed proffessionals in the pyrotechnics and firearms industry. We specialize in civilian legal training and signaling products as well as NFA items. New to our services are events planning.

Most of our products require no paperwork at all to purchase and use!!! These include: 37mm products, 26.5mm products, emergency signals. tracer ammo and reactive targets.

We are avalible durring business hours for technical support, consultation, specialty orders, or event scheduling.

All NFA maters take time and paperwork but can be very rewarding!!

It is always the obligation of any end user of pyrotechnic or firearms products to abide by all: State, Federal and Local Laws, Period!!

All Pyrotechnic and Firearms products are dangerous and a potential fire hazard all percausions should be taken to avoid injury, death, or fire!! We suggest training and avoiding inapropreat or risky shooting conditions!!

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