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There are more resources now than in the past that said we have stockpiled lots of information and we provide it to customers on request!! Please see other questions about safety!!!

At the time of the writing of this answer 37mm launchers and ammo designed for signaling or wild life e control are legal and require no paperwork if used as such. If you intend to shoot at people or have anti-personnel rounds YOU MUST REGISTER IT AS A DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE! See ATF Ruling 95-3 Which I provide on request to anyone anytime!!

You may put any legally manufactured rounds or/ legally personally reloaded rounds that are designed for signaling and wild life control in your launcher. You may also test and use them at will. There are limits to the amount of powder load you can legally have in rounds but it is a lot! See ATF Ruling 95-3 Which I provide on request to anyone anytime!!

An unregistered 37mm launcher is not a firearm! So no paper work is required, but 37mm launchers are deadly if miss used can be deadly. So treat any launcher with the respect and safety procedures as you would with any firearm!

Yes any pyrotechnic device is a fire hazard so plan ahead to prevent the chance of a fire!!

Any Black Powder or Black powder substitute can be used for lift and burst charges as well as any flare material like: colored stars, dragon eggs, colored effects fuse, or smoke compassion. Flare material is not included in the powder limit! NEVER PUT FLASH POWDER, TANNERRITE, OR ANY UNKNOWN EXPLOSIVE MIXTURES IN ANY ROUND!! PERIOD!!

It is the obligation of any end user of any products from Precision Pyrotechnic Supply LLC to abide by any and all state, federal, and local laws and to take any precautions necessary to prevent injury death or fire!!

Contact us and we will give you an overview of the process!

Yes!! We are not just licensed in Pyrotechnics and Explosives. We are also an FFL and SOT so we are able to locate NFA items Like Suppressors SBRs and Transferable Machine guns. We also rent out Launchers and NFA items for events!!

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